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Our Mission is to bring health and vitality to every one of our patients. We are not looking to simply mask symptoms-but work to unvail the underlying issues that cause imbalance and dis-ease.  By understanding each  patient's physiological, psychosocial and biochemical components, we are able to identify the underlying factors that cause dis-ease.  Once we identify these imbalances and the mechanisms driving them, we will then work to regain normal physiology in order to restore balance. We use individualized therapy that is tailored to meet ones specific  needs. Your treatment plans will be developed using an array of corresponding modalities. We thrive on “Patient” care rather than “disease” care. Understanding that every patient has different and specific needs.
Our Health Care Services are the following:
  • Functional Medicine
  • Acupuncture
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Customized Nutrition
  • Detoxification programs
  • Homeopathy
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Treatment of the Month
A state of deficiency and inflammation
What is causing your depression and how do you tackle it
Why are your lab test normal when you don't FEEL normal?
Your markers may be in the normal reference range, but may be OUT of the functional range.  The Functional range is a narrower range that reflects a qualitative number for functionality and health.  Are you out of normal functional ranges?
Aside from this, there are many other tests that are not routine test that can reveal essential information about your condition. Routine blood work doesn't always tell your story.
 Are all the neccessary tests being ordered for you ? 
Healing with Natural Medicine
The power of nature, science, and medicine
Acupuncture-Nutrition-Herbal Medicine- Detoxification-Functional Medicine
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