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Johanna Nazzar L.Ac, CFMP
Johanna Nazzar is an AcupuncturePhysician whom holds Bachelor degrees in Biomedical Science and Health Sciences with a Minor in Psychology, as well as a Masters degree in Oriental Medicine. She has had extensive training in Functional Medicine for the last 8 years and has been board certified as a Functional Medicine Practitioner. She is constantly furthering her education through diplomate programs and attending conferences to stay on top of the newest research. She is currently working on her Doctorate in Oriental Medicine. She dedicates every Monday to research and sees patients Tuesday through Friday. 
"It is my responsibility to my patients to continusly and relentlessy search for answers and aquire new knowledge and skills in order to guide them true health"- Johanna Nazzar
 With her well rounded background, she bridges eastern and western medicine and their modalities to deliver complete healthcare. She provides a well developed, integrated treatment plan tailored to meet each patient’s individual needs. She incorporates Functional Blood Chemistry, Nutrition, Herbology, Nutraceuticals, Customized Detoxification plans and Acupuncture into her treatment plans as needed. She provides expertise to those experiencing hormonal imbalance, digestive problems,  fatigue, insomnia, depression/anxiety, chronic pain and much more. She delivers individualistic, integrative and holistic based treatments to guide the body back into an optimal state of health.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine includes modalities such as acupuncture, moxa, herbs, cupping and Tuina.
  • Nutrition is based on blood work, blood type, and the condition being treated.
  • Functional medicine is based on blood testing, hormone testing, adrenal stress testing, Nutrient testing, Food sensitivity testing, heavy metal testing, neurological testing and a thourough physical evaluation.
“A true physician guides and educates their patients” – Johanna Nazzar
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