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      Our Mission is to bring health and vitality to every one of our patients. We are not looking to simply mask symptoms-but we look to address the underlying issues that cause symptoms and dis-ease.   Once we identify these imbalances and the mechanisms driving them, we will then work to regain normal physiology. This approach helps regain balance and restore health. We use individualized therapy that is tailored to meet ones specific  needs. Your treatment plans will be developed using an array of corresponding modalities. We thrive on “Patient” care rather than “disease” care. We understand that every patient has unique and specific needs.
Our Health Care Services are the following:
  • Functional Medicine
  • Acupuncture
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Customized Nutrition
  • Detoxification programs
  • Homeopathy

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Treatment of the Month
Cognitive Decline: Brain Fog
Are you experiencing brain fatigue? Have you become forgetful? Does your brain feel foggy? Are you experiencing Depression, anxiety or even chronic digestive discomforts?
Our brain is our most valuable asset. It is where we hold our experience, knowledge, wisdom, and memories.
Cognitive decline, just like any disease, is multi factoral. In order to regain brain function we must identify the missing links. What is your brain lacking in order to optimally function?
The brain is very energy dependent, it needs many forms of fuel to function. Where are your deficiencies?
·      Blood sugar balance
·      Proper hormone stimulation from              Sex hormones and Thyroid hormones
·      Methyl Donors for methylation
·      Neurotransmitters support
·      Proper oxygenation, which is                   altered with anemias and poor                 circulation
·      Proper gut health
·      Efficient digestion and absorption of         nutrients
·      Mitochondrial function
There are also physiological insults to the brain which must be identified and eliminated such as
·      Heavy metals like mercury,                     aluminum, cadmium
·      Reactive Oxygen Species from toxins
·      Viral and Bacterial infections

Why are your lab test normal when you don't FEEL normal?
Your markers may be in the normal reference range, but may be OUT of the functional range.  The Functional range is a narrower range that reflects a qualitative number for functionality and health.  Are you out of normal functional ranges?
Aside from this, there are many other tests that are not routine test that can reveal essential information about your condition. Routine blood work doesn't always tell your story.
 Are all the necessary tests being ordered for you ? 
Healing with Natural Medicine
The power of nature, science, and medicine

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